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If you own or manage a business, you could let your customers and clients know you like what we do, and it won't cost you or your business a cent. All you need to do is add our web address as part of the signature pane in your email.

Simply copy and paste the following sentence:

We like Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania. Visit www.royalguidedogs.com.au to find out why.

We believe that the more our name gets out; the more people know about our services; the more people know about how they can support us; the more we will be able to help blind and vision impaired Tasmanians. So even if you can't personally make a donation, you will still be assisting our fundraising efforts and you can feel proud of that.

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Puppy Love - Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania is a page where you can find pictures of our dogs, and post pictures of your own. It's fun, and allows many people to learn a bit more about us, catch up with our dogs' progress, and share a love of all things canine. Like us on Facebook today, share our links, comment on our posts and enjoy the journey.